Rental Terms and Conditions

In order to rent from JK Realty Property Management, you must fill out the application form. There is a $35.00 application fee that must be paid at the time of application submission. A current photo ID must also be provided at the time of application.


Please note the following considerations made by JK when reviewing applications. These requirements must be met for application approval:

1. Sufficient Income – Income must support monthly rent. Total income may be added from multiple applicants. We require a full 30 days proof of income for the most recent 30 days. Screenshots are not valid. Any proof of income MUST include:

  • Applicant’s name
  • Business name
  • Pay period
  • Pay rate
  • Hours paid
  • Gross income

2. Verifiable Good Credit – Credit references must be indicated within the application to include current phone numbers, and addresses.

3. Good Rental History – We will verify rental history with all landlords or mortgage holders for the last consecutive 5 years. Applications will not be approved if we cannot contact your prior landlords. You MUST include email, fax, phone for each landlord.  If you do not know their full contact information, you will be asked to reach out to them to provide the information required.

4. Complete Application -The application must be filled out completely. Failure to complete the application or providing false or outdated information will result in a denial of application.

5. Felonies and Criminal Record – It is the policy of JK, if an applicant has ever been convicted of a felony, the application may be disqualified.

6. Security Deposits and Move-In Fees – Once your application has been approved, you may place a security deposit down any rental property that you qualify for. Rent is charged from the day a deposit is placed.  Move-in charges will include: pro-rated first month’s rent, pro-rated utility fees (if applicable-contingent on property), LRRL insurance, pet rent (if applicable).

Payments made for the rent and security deposit must be made in separate payments. We only accept money orders, cashier’s check (no personal checks), or money orders.

Applications will be approved on a “most qualified basis” if there are several parties applying for the same unit. J & K Realty Property Management welcomes all applicants and supports Fair Housing.

PETS: Pets are not allowed in properties unless specifically listed in the property profile.  Pets require an additional $500 additional security deposit per pet as well as $25 per pet, per month in rent. No animals are allowed on any property that is under the age of 12 months. Per Great Falls city ordinances, we do not allow any properties to have more than 2 dogs or 2 cats regardless if it is a pet-friendly property. Anyone requesting to have more than 2 animals will be required to provide a multi-animal city permit issued by Great Falls Animal Control. City guidelines and permit requests may be found HERE.