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* Rent is owed for the full 30 days following the date we received your notice online. To figure pro-rated rent divide your rent amount by 30 days, then multiply # of days by the daily rate. Your security deposit may not be used for your final rent payment. Your final rent payment must be paid on the first day of the month. If your final rent payment is not received by the 3rd day of the month by 5:00p.m., the standard $50.00 late fee will apply.

I have downloaded from Tenant Quicklinks or have read the 30-Day Move Out Requirements

If unit has carpets, you must schedule an appointment to have them professionally cleaned. For appointment call Clean Way Carpet: 406-788-5239. Call Clean Way at least 2-3 days before your move to give them enough lead-time in scheduling your actual cleaning.

We contract out our inspections process to a third party. You need to schedule an inspection appointment with Pam's Cleaning Service at 406-590-9127 before scheduled move out date.

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